After a hiatus from the sats for a few months, I’m planning to hit some new grids during the weekends around Thanksgiving. These are tentative plans and subject to change. Follow me on Twitter (@kd8rtt) for real-time updates during the rove and frequencies for the linear sats before the pass. I might also hit some or all of EN60, EN61, and EM49 the following weekend, so check back later during the week of Thanksgiving for details.

Saturday, November 21:

EM48/49 Grid Line 
16:07Z XW-2A
16:30Z AO-91

EM58/59 Grid Line 
20:32Z CAS-4B or 20:35Z CAS-4A (TBD)
20:51Z PO-101 or 20:53Z SO-50 (TBD)

01:32Z CAS-4B or 01:35Z CAS-4A (TBD)
02:35Z XW-2A
Other passes possible for skeds during the evening. 

Sunday, November 22:

EN70/71 Grid Line
18:11Z RS-44