Here I am on the DM13/14 grid line working AO-92 during a trip to Joshua Tree National Park in December 2018. Photo by Kyle, KD2HNK.

I’m Tony Milluzzi, KD8RTT, an Extra Class ham currently residing in the Kansas City area. I’ve been licensed since 2012 and since then have tried out many parts of amateur radio from SOTA to satellites. I enjoy trying out new areas in the hobby, building electronics projects, and volunteering with the ARRL’s Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative.

My other hobby is flying. I hold a Private Pilot certificate with Instrument Rating and am currently working toward earning my Commercial certificate in 2023.

You may know me from my ham radio YouTube channel “Tony, KD8RTT” although I haven’t been actively producing content for the past few years. There are many excellent ham radio YouTubers out there now who have more skill and talent than I have in that space, and I’ve found myself somewhat burnt out from the process. Nevertheless I’m hoping to spin up this website to fill in for videos and track my interests and projects in written form.

For my day job, I am an Aviation Systems Engineer at Garmin. I earned a BSEE from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (2016) and MSEE from Ohio University (2019). My detailed professional background can be found on LinkedIn.

I QSL 100% through LoTW and am happy to do so direct and through the ARRL bureau if you’d like a paper card as well. No SASE required; however, requests without a SASE will be returned as a postcard to keep postage costs down.

Contact me at tony (at) kd8rtt (dot) com or on Twitter @kd8rtt.

Articles I have written:

Current Memberships:

  • ARRL Life Member

Previous Club Memberships:

  • Crown Amateur Radio Association, K0ASA
  • Athens County Amateur Radio Association, W8UKE
  • Ohio University Amateur Radio Club, W8PZS (President)
  • Rose Tech Radio Club, W9NAA (Vice President and President)
  • Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, K8KRG

The thoughts expressed on this website do not necessarily represent that of my employer or any other organization. All opinions are solely my own unless explicitly noted otherwise.