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2022 Kansas QSO Party Report

Another Kansas QSO Party is in the books! I had a great weekend traveling through southern Kansas activating six counties along the way as 1×1 W0P. I used the same setup as described in my 2022 Field Day Report except I operated from the backseat of my car instead. I addressed some items I discovered during Field Day and CQ WW VHF contest operations as well. I was strictly SSB this year with all operations on 20m and 40m as a rover station.

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W0P 2022 Kansas QSO Party Plans

As I did last year, I’ll be operating the Kansas QSO Party once again this year as a rover station on 20m and 40m SSB. Throughout the weekend I will activate six counties under the special event call sign W0P. Two of these stops are also planned to be at parks under the POTA program.

Saturday plans:

Sunday plans:

As I will be the only operator in Cowley county for the QSO party, I will prioritize my time at that stop. Follow me as W0P-6 on aprs.fi. Thanks to Bob, W0BH, for his excellent job of organizing the Kansas QSO Party.

2021 Kansas QSO Party Report

Operating from Fall River State Park in Greenwood County, Kansas.

For my first time participating in the Kansas QSO Party, I decided to operate as W0V, a 1×1 rover station activating several counties at different state parks around Wichita. By operating from state parks, I figured I’d have decent locations to operate from that would also let me submit to the Parks on the Air (POTA) program for credit as well. This ended up being helpful in the end for standing out in some pile-ups.

I drove down to the Wichita area on Friday night and stayed in a hotel in anticipation for an early start the following morning. My plan was to be set up by around 8:30am so I could be on the air right at the start of the QSO party. I would visit three parks throughout Saturday, return to the same hotel for the night, then go to two more parks Sunday before driving home to Kansas City.

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